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Specialized Transport Connection | Specialized Transport Connection

Specialized Transport Connection

Specialized Transport Connection is a nationwide machinery moving & CNC transportation company based in Utah. We service customers in the United States & Canada and are one of North America’s premier machinery movers. With 15+ years of machinery transport experience, we have the network in place to move your machinery safely, effectively and at a competitive price.


When choosing a machinery mover, we recommend you consider the following very strongly. These are some, if not the, key factors in finding the right machinery mover for your machinery transport.

  • Machinery Mover is properly insured for transporting both new and used machinery. Get proof of valid insurance from all parties.
  • Broker, Haulers and Riggers all have good safety rating.
  • Competitive rates. Cheaper isn’t always better and it’s vital to make sure all companies quoting your machinery move are bidding correctly. If one quote comes in really high or really low, ask them why. Make sure they understand the specs of your machinery transport needs correctly.
  • Machine moving company is experienced and specializes in moving machinery and other sensitive equipment. You don’t want to trust your new or used machinery to anyone less than an absolute professional.

Specialized Transport Connection is here to serve all your machinery moving needs. We offer years of experience, we specialize in moving only machinery and we have the network of professional riggers and machinery transporter to get your machinery move done right the first time.

We can provide full truck load and LTL service as well as forklift, crane and other rigging services.

Our equipment includes flatbeds, drop decks, double drop, removeable gooseneck trailers, air ride, stretch trailers, multi axle, curtain trailers, machinery tarps, softeners, chains and other rigging and binding accessories.