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Machinery Rigging | Machinery Movers Erectors | Specialized Transport Connection

Machinery Rigging

Heavy machinery rigging is the moving, lifting and securing of heavy loads. With capacities exceeding multiple tons, machinery rigging is best undertaken by experienced professional personnel. There are many types of equipment that needs installation and rigging services. Examples include  industrial machinery installation and cnc equipment rigging services.

Rigging companies provide different equipment for machinery handling such as a conveyor, metal mesh, roller, wire, trapping and crane rigging equipment. Most rigging equipment is very light weight but high in strength and should be capable of assembling and disassembling very quickly. Crane rigging equipment, on the other hand, utilizes a pulley system and heavy motors that allows it to transport and move heavy machinery from it’s current location and then lower it onto the hauling equipment. Or in the case of the unload, the opposite. Crane rigging equipment may be operated manually or by using remote control. Either option is acceptable, depending on the scenario of the equipment move.

Rigging services are used in many applications. Examples include cnc equipment, chemical plants, aircraft and watercraft, printing press, and medical equipment. All rigging services should adhere to standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Specialized Transport Connection has 15+ years in the industry and a network of the most professional riggers around. All of our subcontractors are licensed, bonded and insured. An absolute devotion to be the best machinery mover in the nation insures that we only work with the most reputable, professional and competent riggers.

When you contract with Specialized Transport Connection to oversee your next machinery move, rest assured that our team is the most qualified, from our on site managers, our haulers, and especially our machinery riggers and erectors.