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Machinery Relocation

Successful machinery relocation requires following strict procedures and detailed processes.  Many factors need to be considered during the whole machinery relocation. Without a detailed plan executed by experienced and professional personnel, shipping machinery will turn into a nightmare. Some of the critical elements  of the process are:

  • Is your machinery properly insured during relocation? Get a certificate. Check it with the insurer listed for validity.
  • Does your shipper have the right equipment or safe relocation of your machinery? Cranes, forklifts, machinery dollies, the list of needed equipment or relocating machinery is extensive. Ask.
  • Does your shipper have the right amount of man power on the scene, both during loading and offloading, and during transportation? Too much man power, you’re paying or bodies you don’t need. Not enough, recipe for disaster. Use and experienced machinery transporter for your relocation and they’ll have the right people at the right place at the right time.
  • Weather conditions. Obviously, snow and ice can complicate a relocation. So can rain and sleet. Ask your mover what precautions they’re undertaking to ensure that weather does not adversely affect your machinery relocation.
  • Is there a detailed plan? Can i see it? A no to either of these questions is a big red flag? Why not? It’s your machinery, you should be comfortable with it’s status at all time.

These are just a few of the factors that go into a successful machinery relocation. Your mover should have your relocation planned for, accounted for, and following every last step of the system is essential.
From buyer to vendor to riggers to hauler, there’s a lot of individuals required that have to be on the identical plan. This requires a lot of equipment that needs to be at the precise location at the right time. There’s licenses, licenses and product insurance that all has to be managed prior to the machinery transport can start.

Thus what should you do to assure a smooth relocation of your CNC machinery? Begin by having an experienced CNC relocation specialist deal with the whole process. Unless your company has undertaken many machinery relocations,  you simply won’t posess the experience level necessary to achieve this on your own.

It would be in your best interest to let the experienced team at Specialized Transport Connection make your next CNC transfer a breeze.  5+ years of machinery relocation, and with 100’s of successful machinery transports, Specialized Transport Connection is the perfect selection for your next machinery relocation.